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Additional health benefits

Infrared heating prevents mould

Mould grows behind walls and under floors 

When radiator pipes cool down, moisture from the air condenses around them, providing  perfect conditions for fungus and other bacteria to thrive on the exposed metal surfaces. Warm water flowing through the pipework acts like an incubator, boosting the release of spores and other allergens into the local atmosphere.

Our high-quality electric heat panels actually warm building fabrics, not the air. There are no messy hot water pipes to install or service so walls and floors stay hygienically clean and dry. Because the air is at a lower temperature than the surroundings, condensation (and therefore mould) is effectively controlled by these novel infrared heaters. You can take a deep breath of fresh air in an infrared installation!


Infrared heating means no dust circulated

Traditional convection systems cause dusty air to drift around the heated space

Hot air rises and circulates, and as it does it carries dust and moisture along with it. This means that convection heaters efficiently disperse dust and other airborne particles throughout buildings.

Infrared radiant heat panels warm the walls and floor but not the air directly, meaning that dust ends up exactly where it belongs: inside the vacuum cleaner.


Infrared heating doesn’t burn gas

We understand the need to minimize risk.

That’s why we emphasize that our heaters have none of the associated safety risks of gas systems. They’re much more reliable, too. In the unlikely event that one unit were to break down, the rest of the installation will continue to function perfectly. In fact, our heaters are virtually maintenance free. Contact us for more information on the health benefits of infrared heating.